China made its final move to build a dam with Pakistan in controversial territory, India opposed

Where the Whole World Is Busy Fight Covid-19, China Still Focuses On DOMINATION. As News Surfaces About China Helping Pakistan To Build A 40yr Old Dam Gilgit-Baltistan Over The Indus River In PoK, India Reacts By Saying Building Projects In Territories Under Pakistan’s Illegal Occupation(PoK) Is ‘Not Proper’.

China finally shows it’s intention in this world crisis, where the world is busy fighting the Covid-19 which first originated in Wuhan, China.
China agreed to help Pakistan to build Gilgit-Baltistan Dam, a 40yr old project which was abandoned by Pakistan due to lack of proper resources and funds. But with china backing Pakistan, this dream project could finally be a reality.

FWO signed a whopping Rs 442 billion (USD 5.8 billion) contract for a joint venture With China.

The dam is part of a major hydropower plant, will be built jointly by state-run firm China Power with a 70% stake and Pakistan Army’s commercial wing, Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) with the sake of remaining 30% in the joint venture.

Where it is Gilgit-Baltistan situated?

The proposed plan for building Gilgit-Baltistan Dam is upon the Indus River Near Chilas in Gilgit-Baltistan region which comes under the Pok which makes it a more serious situation for India.

“The project area will encompass nearly 110 km, extending 100 km from the dam site up to the Raikot Bridge on the Karakoram Highway,” said the NS Energy.

A 5.8billion(USD) project and a major power plan with “Gross storage of 8.1Million Acre Feet(MAF), which a power generation capacity of 4,500 MW (MegaWatt) and annual power generation of 18Billion units. It will be completed in late 2028” ….Said Chairman Lt Gen (retd) Muzammil Hussain, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

According to the plan, the electromechanical and power-generation project would be taken up at a later stage of 2020.

A strong response from Indian Authorities saying building such projects in territories under Pakistan’s illegal occupation was “not proper”.

“We have consistently conveyed our protests and shared concerns with both Pakistan and China on all such projects in the Indian territories under Pakistan’s illegal occupation,” the Ministry of External Affairs said.

However, China defended itself saying it is part of a “win-win” bilateral cooperation to promote the well-being of the local population of Pakistan.

China and Pakistan are also jointly building the 60-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), which will connect the two nations.

It’s not the first time China took advantage of this Covid-19 crisis and Indian Economy, China’s China’s central bank has also brought 1.01 per cent stake in HDFC. According to the shareholding disclosures for the March quarter, People’s Bank of China held 1.75 crore shares of India’s biggest housing mortgage lender.

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