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Chrollo Lucilfer

Dzhanibekov effect suggests Earth might flip upside down at any time, event would be catastrophic

Every planet rotates counter clockwise in our solar system as seen from above the North Pole, except for Venus and Uranus. These planets rotate in...

China’s search engine giant Baidu launches its own blockchain called Xuperchain

China’s biggest search engine Baidu launches its own blockchain project called Xuperchain. On Jan. 6, Baidu announced the launch of its public...

A closer look at how Climate Change may or will affect Earth’s life

We hear so much about Climate Change that it feels like a buzz word but it's more than that. Climate Change is...

What is Ethereum?

Built an unstoppable distributed application

All you need to know about Atomic Swaps

Atomic swap is cryptographically secured smart contract cross-chain transection between one crypto to another.

What is Bitcoin?

A new form of money